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Several months before fans from across the world rush into the stadiums to cheer on their national teams, a German construction hoist from the manufacturer GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG has been busy in one of the Brazilian football stadiums. Millions of fans are feverishly awaiting the start of the football world cup. From 12 June to 13 July the host country of Brazil and football fans from across the world will all be in a state of excitement. 32 nations will be competing in 64 games to steal the throne from defending champions Spain to take home the coveted title of 2014 world cup champions. For many months before the kick-off of the first world cup match, the preparation and construction work on the 12 Brazilian world cup stadiums has been progressing at full speed, including in the Estádio Beira-Rio in Porto Alegre. This stadium was built back in 1959 and has since been used as the home stadium of the “Internacional Porto Alegre” club. Four group games will be played at the Estádio Beira-Rio during the 2014 football world cup. But before the members of the German national team can run into the stadium and their fans can start cheering, comprehensive renovation and conversion work has had to be carried out. The Estádio Beira-Rio will have a seating capacity of 48,849 during the tournament. Therefore, one of the aspects for which the technology from Asbach-Bäumenheim in Bavaria was responsible was to ensure that the thousands of spectators could watch the games in Porto Alegre on comfortable seats. A GEDA Lift proved to be an essential device to help install the new seat shells.

A special length of GEDA Lift
Eleven metres? Not with the GEDA Lift! On the stands in the Beira Rio stadium the special length inclined hoist bridged 40 metres and was therefore a very valuable support tool. The GEDA Lift transported both the metal fixings and also the seat shells into the various rows of the stadium stand. Laborious dragging along the steep rows was therefore avoided and the seats were transported efficiently and with less effort. The contractor responsible could therefore rely on GEDA Lift technology that has been proven a thousand times over. The inclined hoist is the perfect solution for everything which needs to be transported up and down quickly and safely, since nearly all materials can be transported due to the wide range of different load carrying devices in the construction or on the roof. The customer can select from three different Lift options with hoisting speeds up to 38 m/min depending on building site conditions and the intended usage required. An alternating current connection is sufficient to transport materials up to 250 kg. The load capacity is aligned according to the design of the aluminium ladder sections, the inclination and the rail length. Two ladder section variants are available – ladder sections with a load capacity of 150/200 kg and reinforced ladder sections which enable loads of 200/250 kg to be transported. The fast and easy assembly without tools being required, the small footprint, the progressively adjustable buckling part and the versatility of the GEDA Lift have all been winners in Brazil.

GEDA – an experienced stadium construction partner
The GEDA height access specialists have frequently demonstrated their expertise in the construction of football stadiums. Whether in the new construction of the Allianz Arena in Munich or in the construction of the European Championships stadiums in Gdansk and Warsaw, GEDA hoist solutions have always demonstrated that know-how and quality “made in Germany” are sought after worldwide. To illustrate this four GEDA 500 Z/ZP transport platforms and four GEDA AB 650 suspended working platforms were used for the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine. At the “home game” in the Allianz Arena several GEDA 1500 Z/ZP transport platforms won the day.