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FOBA presents innovative marking solutions for medical devices at MEDTEC - FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving ALLTEC GmbH

FOBA, international market and technology leader of systems and integrated solutions for laser marking and engraving, presents its latest developments for the identification of medical devices at MEDTEC Europe. Recent laser-based solutions meet the identification needs of the industry while improving process reliability and production efficiency. Whether banding marks for depth measurement or 2D codes, whether marking high-sensitive plastics or identification of hardened metal: Laser marking is the preferred technology for marking medical products. Regulations are getting stricter, contents more complex. The number of products which have to be marked increases continuously – that is why it is getting even more important for manufacturers to take the efficiency of their production lines into account.

Closed-loop marking process increases production efficiency
In this context, FOBA showcases much more than just a high-quality marking solution for the medical industry at MEDTEC Europe in Stuttgart: Among others, a vision-based marking process will be presented live. This process includes 3 steps: the pre-mark verification, the laser marking itself and the post-mark validation, e.g. for reading the content of 2D codes and validating laser marks through Optical Character Verification (OCV, checks if every marked character matches the expected content). Major benefit: there is no need for third party hardware or a separate inspection process as the vision system is integrated in the laser marking system. According to Manfred Suddendorf (Director Product Management FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving) “this solution increases the efficiency of marking medical devices and contributes to improved product quality and process reliability. Marking errors are prevented and markings are validated by vision-based systems.” Thus, manufacturers of medical devices ensure high quality standards and improve on productivity through a reliable marking process. Apart from this closed-loop marking process, FOBA presents its full range of laser marking solutions for product identification: Marking lasers, Laser class 1 workstations as well as camera systems.

Highlights: Live-Demo of Optical Character Verification (OCV) Code-Reading by Vision-System IMP and laser working station M2000

FOBA offers a broad range of systems and powerful workstations for marking medical and surgical devices, implants and products precisely and repeatedly as well as additional equipment.