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FOBA IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning) - FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving ALLTEC GmbH

Utilizing FOBA’s patented through-the-lens vision system for mark alignment with laser marking and laser engraving has greatly benefited manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, electronic, tool and metal working, medical and industrial machinery industries by significantly improving productivity and yields, and reducing waste and cost of fixtures. Manufactures in all these business sectors must ensure correct product and part identification due to industrial standards and legal liabilities. Ultimate traceability is a must for being successful. Laser marking, laser engraving and integrated vision are key to this success. FOBA’s camera system Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) supports manufacturers during their laser marking and engraving processes produce close to one hundred percent traceable products and parts. It also helps increase efficiency and improve productivity while drastically reducing scrap by providing accurately marked products. Proven and tested in over one hundred installations, IMP finds the position of parts and components to be processed, and adjusts the laser marking and engraving parameters automatically and precisely as required. Mark alignment and quality control from a high-speed vision system: With IMP, FOBA has developed a high-speed optical system that is capable of achieving quality control. IMP stands for ultimate mark alignment and yield improvement: It verifies that the correct part is in place, and automatically measures its accurate position and orientation. It ensures that only the right part is laser marked and that the mark is applied accurately regardless of how the part is presented. IMP provides the added safeguard of rejecting parts that have unexpected features, such as significant defects. The new Optical Character Verification feature validates the final mark and checks whether all required data are marked. Reducing costs, improving yields, eliminating waste: IMP is capable of differentiating devices that may vary in physical size only, sometimes differences that vary only by a fraction of a millimeter. By aligning a pattern to a part accurately up to 20 µm or better, then marking correctly, IMP has been able to increase yields up to 99 percent, reduce fixturing costs by more than 60 percent and allow for an increase in product throughput by up to 400 percent in the above listed industries. Furthermore laser marking and engraving with IMP ensures less scrap, better yields and improved productivity as marks are always applied as precise as required. Manufacturers within the aerospace and automotive industries utilize FOBA’s solution to improve their production and achieve lean manufacturing processes.