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The Eppendorf BioPhotometer D30 is the third generation of Eppendorf's well-established line of BioPhotometers. The small instrument clearly processes data, records at fixed wavelengths and makes evaluating results fast and simple. For specific methods, additional measurements are recorded and displayed as a graph, making impurities easier and quicker to identify.

Product Information
The Eppendorf BioPhotometer D30 is the 3rd generation of Eppendorf BioPhotometers which have become an established standard in the field of life sciences. It utilizes fixed wavelengths, making the Eppendorf BioPhotometer D30 the ideal device for quick and precise routine applications. The ultra-stable Xenon light source quickly lights up for immediate instrument use. Data is clearly processed making the evaluation of results fast and simple while minimizing mistakes. Additional help menus assist the user and offer an additional level of security. Relevant ratios are automatically determined for the corresponding applications. The Eppendorf BioPhotometer D30 offers the option of recording a scan for specific applications in the UV range. This allows a quick visual identification of contaminants in the sample.


  • Absorption measurements for one or more fixed wavelengths
  • Scan for specific UV applications with automatically determined purity ratios
  • Preprogrammed applications for quick start and applications with evaluation via factor, standard or standard series
  • Integrated application and results memory
  • Data transfer via USB interface, Ethernet or via e-mail and direct printout of results
  • Xenon flash lamp with very long lifetime
  • Guided software process to minimize errors
  • Help box with explanation of each individual step in 5 languages
  • Compatible with microvolume measuring cells and standard cuvettes
  • Integrated self-test and calibration history


  • Nucleic acid quantification
  • Direct protein quantification (UV 280 nm)
  • Microvolume measurement via µCuvette G1.0 for highly concentrated samples
  • Bacteria growth measurement (OD 600)
  • Colorimetric assays for protein quantification, e.g., BCA, Bradford, Lowry
  • 340 nm: assays using NADPH or NAPH
  • 405 nm: assays using para-nitrophenol
  • 490 nm: cytotoxicity assay

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BioPhotometer® D30

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