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FemtoJet® 4i and FemtoJet® 4x electronic micro-injectors - Eppendorf AG

Eppendorf has introduced its latest electronic microinjectors, the FemtoJet® 4i and FemtoJet® 4x. The new systems are perfectly suited for all research laboratories wishing to inject small to intermediate volumes, from femtoliters to microliters, precisely and reproducibly. With simple operation and a wide range of functionalities, the FemtoJet 4i and FemtoJet 4x make otherwise intensive processes convenient and easy to undertake, with limited amount of input and training. With a built-in compressor, the FemtoJet 4i is the ideal solution for injecting small volumes of up to ~100pL into adherent and suspension cells. For users wishing to inject larger volumes or longer series at higher pressures, the FemtoJet 4x employs an external pressure supply to deliver the precise and continuous pressure required. The systems can also be easily coupled with the existing Eppendorf InjectMan® 4 and TransferMan® 4r, for rapid and efficient microinjections into delicate cells. This not only simplifies researchers’ daily tasks, but speeds up workflows.