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Automation of laboratories - new epMotion 5070 Workstation - Eppendorf AG

The new epMotion 5070 Workstation enables fast and reproducible dispensings by way of pipetting, dispensing and other dispensing variants. Extensive previous skills or long training are not necessary. Sequences previously carried out manually can now be transferred easily and quickly to the epMotion 5070 Workstation. Tried and true pipetting procedure routines have been maintained. As a result of this great similarity to manual pipettes and to the familiar manual work method, a move to the automatic version is eased considerably. Familiar techniques can be quickly and easily transferred to the epMotion 5070. Operation takes place over the keyboard of the connected Control Panel.

The connected mouse enables free movement of the cursor over the integrated screen. An almost intuitive operation with greater flexibility in the application is made possible as a result. The user is led step by step through the software and prompted to carry out the necessary actions. The blocking of valuable lab surface is also avoided by doing without operation over the PC. All of the following steps take place fully automatically following the insertion of the dispensing tool: The dispensing tool attaches the pipette tip, the liquid to be isolated is taken up from a supply and dispensed into one or more target tubes.