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Analyzing faults with ProfiMessage - Delphin Technology AG

The degree of automation in modern systems, machines and devices is increasing constantly. A detailed fault analysis is required in the event of a sporadically recurring fault to unambiguously localize and rectify the cause. The basic model of the ProfiMessage device is already equipped with 24 digital inputs to acquire switching and status information as well as 15 analogue inputs to receive mA, mV and thermocouple signals. It is possible to extend the number of channels to suit requirements. The integrated PROFIBUS DP interfaces as well as Modbus TCP and RTU protocols facilitate data exchange with PLC control systems. The internal data memory is designed to store up to a billion measurement and status values. Event triggers ensure it is possible to store a large number of fault events together with a configurable level of post and preceding data. Data can be read out across a local network or via a UMTS router for transmission worldwide or copied to a USB stick. Software channels such as calculation, threshold value and logic channels make it possible to process measurement data online as well as implement desired functional enhancements. Faults and alarms can be signalled via a switching output and/or over the Internet. Designed for cabinet installation, this compact device requires just 200 mm space on a top-hat mounting rail. Measurement cases equipped with individually customized connection technology are available to fulfil mobile service requirements.