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Strain Gauge Amplifier Keeps up with Demands - burster präzisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg

The new 9236 series of measurement amplifiers from burster provides a range of flexible solutions for such applications. These measurement amplifiers are used wherever the output signal from strain gauge sensors, such as load cells, pressure sensors or torque sensors, need to be converted into an amplified voltage signal and cannot be processed in its raw form. Once the measurement signal has been conditioned by the amplifier, it can then be scaled and processed in a suitable controller unit. Typi-cal applications include automated manufacturing systems and laboratory and field measurements, for example. The circuit board model can also be integrated in the customer's own circuits. State-of-the-art electronics give the user a high degree of freedom when selecting the input voltage range, making it extremely easy to connect strain gauge based sensors with sensitivities of 0.5 to 30 mV/V. The output voltage can be set between 5 and 10 V. With a high cutoff frequency of 1 kHz, the amplifier is also suitable for dynamic acquisition of rapidly varying measurements. A 15 30 V supply is required for the integrated device. In the multichannel version, up to four measuring channels can be implemented in one housing. The standard model is designed for easy DIN rail mounting in an industrial environment e.g. in a control cabinet or right next to the sensor. For installation in a harsh environment outside the switchgear cabinet, the single-channel IP67 version, designed as an inline amplifier, is available for integration in the user's application. The amplifier also comes in a single-board version, which can be built into the customer's own application-specific housing designs.