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The HBP310-523GA - cuts mitres accurately and economically - Behringer GmbH

The universal high-performance mitre band saw HBP310-523GA is predestined for the demands of the steel construction industry and steel trade. It cuts steel section and solid materials made of metal and comparable plastics accurately and fast. With a cutting range of 310 mm for round materials and 520 x 310 mm for flat materials, and bi-lateral mitred cuts from 45° right to 30° left, the machine has proved its worth as a reliable all-rounder for many cutting jobs, also in other lines of business. The HBP310-523GA mitre band saw system includes a roller track with a sturdy steel section structure and an electrical drive. A controlled feed gripper positions the material that is to be cut quickly and accurately. It is mounted on a pretensioned rail guide that is free of play, is driven by a motor and gear rack and is clamped hydraulically during the cutting process. The angle adjustment is NC controlled and is ideal for series cuts with different angle combinations in the mitre ranges specified above (45° right to 30° left). The stable, large-sized gripper tool ensures safe transportation of materials. The movable clamping jaw of the gripper can move across the entire cutting range in one stroke.