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It can be installed in existing production halls without opening of the ceiling. A new installation of this kind was recently commissioned by a multinational pharma producer for the production of a multitude of small and medium volume products. The dryer is locked on to a peeling centrifuge and filled over several peeling cycles. For drying the connection to the centrifuge is unlocked and the dryer is lowered and swivelled out of the centrifuge area. The dryer’s slewability requires flexible and slewable connections for the dryer’s heating and for the exhaust gas line. For its discharge the dryer is lifted on the column to allow the placement and connection of drums or other containers. The use of split butterfly valves for charging and discharge permits the handling of class 3 products without the need for workers’ protective clothing. Retractable CIP nozzles on the dryer’s lid and the running of the agitator at high speed guarantee a thorough cleaning in a closed system thereby facilitating a quick product change.