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Continuous horizontal dryers produce the fuel of the future - AVA - Huep GmbH & Co. KG

The advantage is its biodegradability and the fact, that biodiesel is gained from bio-mass. Even today Biodiesel - also called “vegetable oil methyl ester” (PME) - is produced by special continuous working AVA horizontal dryers. Depending upon the raw materials being used, varying compositions will result, which differ in product viscosity and adhesiveness. The challenge for AVA was to adopt the dryer to the different incoming raw materials. Thus the optimized dryers are characterized by a specially developed mixing agitator and an optimized length-diameter-ratio. The further use of the resulting side products is ideal: The mixture of methanol and potassium sulphate, which results from the transesterification of rapeseed oil, is gently heated up by the AVA contact dryer and thus thermally separated. The purified potassium sulphate can be used as fertilizer in the agriculture while the glycerine will be deployed as raw material for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The condensed methanol is added again to the transesterification process. The production costs for one litre of biodiesel are significantly reduced by gaining these side products – a fact which is of advantage for the producer and the consumer as well.