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Set of weights, cylindrical, polished stainless steel
Material adjusting weight: polished stainless steel
Material box: Lined wood
For the direct transmission of balance data to Windows applications
  • Transfer via RS-232 to the PC, e. g. to MS Excel
  • Transfer at the touch of a key or on a time-control...
Robust moisture analyser for samples up to 160 g
  • Backlit LCD with backlight display, digit height 17 mm
  • Halogen quartz glass heater 400 W
  • Internal memory for...
Retail scale with EC type approval [M] and memory for article prices
  • Elevated display backlit, revolving on column, height of stand approx. 530 mm, only -HM, must be ordered at p...
Entry level laboratory balance with integrated density determination function
  • Density determination made easy! Thanks to the self-explanatory, graphic-assisted control panel, the...
  • Ideal for rapid checking in goods receiving and shipping
  • Also essential in the private sector for determining the weight of fish, game, fruits, bicycle parts, suitcases etc....
  • Mechanical force gauge for measuring push and pull forces with peak hold function
  • Spring Scale
Ergonomically optimised chair scale with EC type approval and approval for medical use
  • Verification class III (Verification is optional)
  • Approval for medical use accord...
Balance Beam Scales


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About KERN & SOHN GmbH

Mechanikus Gottlieb KERN founded his company in 1844 and manufactured the most accurate balances of its time. His business became the core cell of the internationally famous, southern German precision balance manufacturing. Over 160 years of experience and the devotion to quality has enabled us to become specialists in the weighing field with the KERN brand standing for precision and reliability. We are an independent, medium sized family business, in its 5th generation, registered in southern Germany. KERN is DIN ISO 9001:2000 accredited and globally active.