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Completely equipped standard power units, basic power units with directional control valves as per customer's requirements.
- with gear pumps or radial piston pumps
- with 3-phase AC-motor 0...
Assembly tables for lifting, swivelling and rotating of workpieces up to 250/500/1000 kg with electrical lifting and rotating drive, electric control and operating panel. Operation of control elements...
Electro-mechanical linear actuators for adjusting procedures in industry and automotive engineering. Hydro-mechanical linear actuators for adjusting procedures in medical-technical devices and beds.
Clamping Tools
To protect hydraulic elements against contaminations
- inline filter, plug-in filter and rectifier filter
- filter quality of 10 and 100 µm
- filter material stainless steel and steel
Couplings to separate and connect hydraulic lines
- versions for manual or automatic coupling
- versions also for pneumatic and vacuum lines
- can be coupled or uncoupled against pressu...
Equipped with fittings, hydraulic high-pressure hoses resistant to mineral oil
- ND 4 up to 6.3
- lengths as per preferred series, but also selectable at 5 mm
- max. operating pressure...
Hydraulic Components
Rod end bearings and bearing blocks for hydro-cylinders and block cylinders.
- Rotating modules – horizontal axis / vertical axis
- Tilting modules
- Lifting modules
- Cart modules
- Floor modules
- Accessories
Rod end bearings with interior thread for piston rods with exterior thread
Hydraulic press-in devices for power-operated processes such as jointing, pressing-in, jolting, deforming and riveting.
- with O-shaped or C-shaped press-in device
- with hydro-cylinder and...


Innovative automation solutions for workpiece machining
ROEMHELD continues the proved swing clamp line with numerous improvements
Hydraulic threaded-body work support from ROEMHELD with minimum dimensions
That's really ingenious – the patented system of the ROEMHELD compact clamp enables loading of the workpiece into the fixture indepen- dently of the lever length.
Actually the principle is quite simple: The hydraulic swing clamp without swing stroke is a double-acting pull-type cylinder where a part of the piston stroke is used to swing the piston rod without axial stroke
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About Römheld GmbH

Worldwide Roemheld is nowadays considered to be the market leader in the field of hydraulic power workholding for metal-cutting production engineering. As expert in this field Roemheld offers with its about 300 employees at the location Laubach/Hessen a strong business base to realize high technology. Due to intense development works - partially in close co-operation with customers and partners - we do not only meet the continuously increasing demands on the market, but influence the market development by innovations pointing the way to the future. Beside national customers, which are well looked after by 17 sales partners in Germany, export is more and more important. Already today Roemheld shows an export share of approx. 50%, which increases to more than 65% due to indirect exports. Due to subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, USA, Japan, and South Korea as well as numerous sales partners guarantee worldwide an intensive consultation, an efficient sale and an extensive service for Roemheld customers.