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About August Mink GmbH & Co. KG

Mink Bürsten is the global market leader in modern filament technology and brush technology. Established in 1845, August Mink GmbH & Co. KG is proud of its long heritage as an accomplished, dependable partner for thousands of well-known companies around the world. The firm's history is defined by innovative thinking, permanent refinement, superlative quality and its primary objective of absolute customer satisfaction.

Every year, Mink produces millions of brushes from a range of more than 200,000 different types at its production site in Göppingen. The continuous expansion of this site, together with the most modern machinery in the industry, enable us to produce brushes of the highest quality and to deliver even customised products fast and always on time.

Mink guarantees its international customers direct access, personal contact and rapid availability by means of a growing number of advisory centres in Europe. At the moment Mink has branches in Denmark, England, France, Italy and the Netherlands.
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Cable Feedthroughs

Visually disruptive openings for cable passages, light openings or on finished furniture are closed by flexible and easy-to-install Mink strip brushes. Individually selectable body and fibre colour...

Surface processing

Perfectly clean surfaces with different Mink cleaning brushes

  • Cleaning
  • Washing
  • Dust removal
  • Deburring
  • Draining
  • Wiping
  • Appl...

Spiral Brushes

Machine manufacturers often require solutions for vertical, inclined or horizontal conveying. Mink spiral brushes, belt brushes and brushes in the Mink MBS System solve these problems.


Washing brushes for solar cells

Mink round brushes, Mink roller brushes and Mink disc brushes have a wide variety of geometries and bristles for washing applications. In cases of heavy contamination or sticking of particles, they...

Cleaning brushes

Cleaning processes that do not use water or other liquids are very common in the metal, wood, food and building materials industries. Ideal for this purpose: gentle bristles, combined with favourab...

Bespoke Design

With roller brushes, often only a small section is used. So why spend time and money replacing the whole unit? With the Mink Zick-Zack-System, individual modules can quickly be replaced. Downtimes...

Special Solutions

Machines and systems that do special work require specially made products. We’ll provide the best possible support for your projects and designs in all the relevant applications: conveying, g...

Protective brushes

Damage in the form of scratches, dull spots, shiny spots, packaging marks or resins from foam materials can create immense costs in manufacturing. For example, bathroom fittings, glass and furnitur...

Panel brushes

Bristles gently follow the surface, including recesses and contours.


strip brushes

• Reliable sealing against dust from double floors
• Prevention of system failures due to overheating
• Long service life
• Custom solutions and di...

Industrial brushes (TBS)

The new Mink TBS–System – Innovative solutions with disc brushes from stock

- Immediately mountable through the integrated thread insert and feather key grove<...

Door seals

Mink strip brushes are available in a wide range of body geometries and bristle configurations to provide protection against disturbances like draughts, heat loss, insects, light, noise and damage...

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