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Vein therapy

 When your legs suffer, the whole person suffers. The secure base of support loses some of its stability. Medical compression stockings from BELSANA provide...

Vein prophylaxis

 A healthy and active lifestyle can prevent venous disease. With the fashionable support stockings from BELSANA you can in an attractive way do even mor...

Travel Stockings - BELSANA Medizinische Erzeugnisse
Active prevention against travel thrombosis

Prevent travel thrombosis with compression socks and feel more comfortabl...


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Dr. Hartwig Frinke

About BELSANA Medizinische Erzeugnisse

BELSANA Medical Products was founded in 1991 as a subsidiary of Kendall Medical Products and has been part of a conglomerate of medium-sized companies under the corporate umbrella of INDUS Holding AG since 2000.

BELSANA is today one of the most reputable specialist suppliers in the German pharmacy market. Right from the start until today, the aim has been to provide a range of medical compression stockings focussing on the individual needs of patients with vein disorders.

The BELSANA range of modern compression stockings has in the meanwhile become one of the most important lines in the market for medical aids. High quality, a wide selection of colours, individual made-to-measure solutions and rapid delivery offer our customers the best possible support in their endeavour to comply optimally with the requirements of compression therapy.