1-Butanol ( CAS: 71-36-3 )


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Brenntag AG


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- Properties: Colorless and transparent liquid, without visible impurities.
- Applications: Mainly used in the manufacture of butyl ester plasticizers of phthalic acid, dibasic acid and phosphoric acid, they are widely used in various of plastic and rubber products. Also the raw materials in the synthesis of butyraldehyde, butyric acid, butylamine butyl lactate etc. Also the extraction agent for grease, medicines (such as antibiotics, hormones and vitamins) and spices, additives for alkyd resin coating etc. Also can be used as solvent and dewaxing agent for organic dyes and printing ink.
- Molecular Formula: CH3CH2CH2CH2OH
- Quantity : 85000MT/YEAR
- Exercised standard: GB/T6027-1998
- Purity: 99.5%MIN


Sigma Aldrich Corp.


Tianjin Jiangdong Building Materials Co., Ltd

Used in the manufacture of butyl acrylate, butyl acetate, ethylene glycol butyl ether, and the extractant as intermediates in organic synthesis and biochemistry of the drug, but also for manufacturing a surface-active agent.


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