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August Vormann GmbH & Co. KG

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August Vormann GmbH & Co. KG

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16.03.2023 16:15

Apprenticeship as toolmaker (m/f/d) from 01.08.2023

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At the company August Vormann GmbH & Co KG tool mechanics (m / w / d) are trained by experienced trainers and skilled workers. The dual training lasts 3.5 years, during which you receive practical knowledge and the technical basics in the training company. In addition, you will attend vocational school, where you will be taught theoretical knowledge. The basic training as well as parts of the technical training are carried out together with specialized network partners.

Training focus:

- Basics of metalworking

- Operational and technical communication

- Manufacturing components and assemblies from metal and other materials

- Handling drilling, milling, grinding and eroding machines

- Servicing and maintaining tools

Start of training: 01.08.2023

Training remuneration

1st year of training: € 1,118.00

2nd year of year: 1,174.00 €

3rd training year: 1.256,00 €

4th year of training: 1.365,00 €

We offer

- Training pay above the collective agreement

- Additional qualifications and further training

- High chances of being taken on

- company pension scheme

- Excursions and events

- Assumption of schoolbook costsbernahme der Schulbuchkosten

If you are interested in technology and would like an exciting and varied apprenticeship, please send your complete application to:

August Vormann GmbH & Co. KG
Berliner Straße 50
04910 Elsterwerda

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