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19.09.2022 17:00

Oil binding agent

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The oil and chemical binding agent “Zauberwatte”® (means “magic cotton wool”) against oil contamination.

The properties:

• Zauberwatte® absorbs everything that is lighter than water. It binds contamination from oil and chemicals within seconds. The Zauberwatte® can be removed without residue and then recycling.

• Just 1 kilogram of Zauberwatte® is enough to absorb 6 litres of oil – 1/3 more than any other oil-binding agents that are available. Place the Zauberwatte® on the oil contamination, wait for a short period and simply remove it.

• Zauberwatte® is the Winner of the European Inventor Award 2017 and certified by DEKRA Umwelt GmbH.

he Zauberwatte® pad is a smart addition to any oil collection container and thus a real relief for lift maintenance.

The Zauberwatte® pad binds the oil within seconds, can be removed without leaving any residue and can then be recycled. Our binding agent is the winner of the European Inventor Award 2017 and certified by DEKRA.

The advantages:

• Quick and clean removal of the used oil from the container

• Uncomplicated transport of the new and used Zauberwatte® pads in the service box

• Very fast cleaning of the containers and thus approximately 80% quicker than before

• Complete disposal as All-in-One Service optional

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